Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alaina's Intro Blog

Hi I'm Alaina Ognibene. I've always lived in Southern California. I was born in San Diego, then moved to riverside for 13 years, where I was mostly home schooled with my brother.  Then I moved to Murrieta and went to Murrieta Valley High School. I now live in Escondido while I'm here at CSUSM...I've been trying to get back down to San Diego since I was born. Almost there!

I would like to think of myself as a semi-techno savy person.  I've used a PC since my family first got the internet and I'm pretty sure we were the last family to get it. We were a bit behind on the times.   So I know how to use a PC pretty well, but as soon as I graduated high school I bought myself a mac and I've never looked back.  I love my mac and I don't think I'll ever buy a PC ever again. I love not worrying about viruses, and spyware, and what ever else goes wrong with them.  Plus the mac is just so fun to use. I probably would have bought it just for photo booth anyway.   I feel that I am pretty dependent on my computer for a day to day basis  Which is sad, but it is my connection to the world.  I don't have tv so all my information I get from friends, family, news, school is from my computer.  If it broke I would probably cry. 
I think I'm using Microsoft 06.  I need to update!

The part of the COE mission statement that I really appreciated was 
"The mission of the College of Education community is to collaboratively transform public education by preparing thoughtful educators and advancing professional practices." I currently work in a special ed class at Mission Hills High School in San Marcos, and just from having such a hands on job in the public school system, I believe that statement is critical for all educators to understand before entering the field of education.  Students deserve a teacher who is great at their job, who provides the best environment for learning  and is committed to their needs of the students.